Monday, June 9, 2014

Bad nail day

Hei girls!

You know that feeling when you really must have a certain colour on your nails? That's how I've felt lately regarding red. I wanted to see it on my nails asap! I've tried of course a couple of times but my reds were out of shape, gluey and thick and they all "wonderfully" bubbled up on me.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Negative space trend

Hei ladies!

Tomorrow I have an exam...:)) You know that saying: I took a 5 minute break...5 hours ago? Well that's what I'm doing instead of studying for a really annoying subject. Anyways, for this post I thought of showing you something different from what you've seen here on my blog; if in "Look closer to my lavander" I was talking about color trends for this year, today I'm sporting the negative space trend that suposedly is *hot* this summer.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chameleonic white

Hello ladies!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend so far. I had a spare moment and I thought I should show you a special shade, one that has many faces. I'm talking about Golden Rose ~Rich Color Collection #101...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer. Pink.

Hei there!

I wasn't planning to post today as I'm swamped with projects and stuff for the uni but some recent events gave me the perfect incetive for a quick post. Unfortunately I won't be able to post more often until my exams are over so hang in there for another month or so, I'll be back, I promise!
The events that I was mentioning are the sudden realization that a month has past since my last post and a lovely comment that made me realize that some of you are still reading my blog and it kinda made my day! Aaand I just did my nails about 10 minutes ago, so here they are...

...Just a simple yet electrifying shade, perfect with this lovely weather we're having lately and to be honest it really does pop and brightens my mood. I only needed one coat to reach full opacity and that's rather rare so I'm very pleased with this particular nail polish - Golden Rose #79, its consistency is fluid and really easy to work with. I hope you like it!

Have a great day!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Look closer to my lavander

Hello ladies!

It's been far to long since my last post, but I was having "writer's block" or should I say nail polish addict's block :)). I succeded to ruin/smudge each manicure I've tried lately or my nail polish would simply make those horrible bubbles, so as you can see my frustration grew higher and higher until I gave up painting my nails altogether. After getting bored of my bare nails I said to myself this is not the way my hobby should "die", so here I am, getting back on the horse, picking up the pieces of my adrift blog. I still love painting my nails, doing pretty, feminine designs and that's what I plan to do, no pressure, just fun!

The most wonderful season of the year is here and it's actually nearly over, but better late then never! So let it rain with pastels and love! I've heard that radiant orchid is this years official colour and the lavander/lilac are also right up that alley. Purple and its variations have always been my favorites and now I have the perfect excuse to wear them, excessively! But don't worry I'll try not to bore you!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

GR Review - Feeling blue

Hei ladies!

Too much time has passed since my last post, but unfortunately other things were more important than painting my nails; a pleasure which I should value more since the university will keep me very busy this semester. These past weeks the only luxury I could afford was wearing a simple color such as the one I'm showing you today.
I don't usually do swatches, they never turn out as I want to, but today I made an exception and I'm presenting you my first swatch - Golden Rose, Rich Color Collection #16

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Golden Rose Review - Ruby Love

Hello ladies!

So my lovelies, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it seems like the entire nail art blogosphere is full of ideas for this occasion, nontheless I wanted to show you what I'm going to wear this year and that would be Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #121. It's a gorgeous red, perfect for such occasion. I just love it!
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